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Our vision is a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included in society. 


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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's Learning Disability Week took place online from 15 to 21 June.

The theme of the week was the importance of 手机看youtube

We wanted to show the importance of friendships for people with a learning disability, in helping to tackle isolation.

We also wanted to hear the different ways you've been maintaining your friendships during this unusual time.

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Information about coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new type of illness. There are now a number of people in the UK who have got it and it is spread easily.

Because of this we have created information about coronavirus for you to use on our national website, including:

  • how to keep safe and well
  • what might happen if you have to go to hospital 
  • activities and ideas to keep busy
  • the latest guidance from the government
  • information for support workers and carers
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Join the Mencap Mountain Challenge!

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The goal of the Mencap Mountain Challenge is to climb the equivalent number of flights of stairs as a well-known mountain of your choice!

It costs £10 to take part and the money you raise will help support our work to improve the lives of people with a learning disability.

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Contact us for help and advice

If you live in Northern Ireland and would like advice on services or any learning disability issues, please contact one of our offices across Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Helpline is also available for advice and information about learning disability which can help you to find the right support in your area.

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